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larnarr Feb 07, 2009
How shameful. How predictable! How insipid. And how sweet.pic
How shameful. How predictable! How insipid. And how sweet.pic

i dont believe that anybody feels the way i do about you now.

my eyes slowly close as i rest my heay head on the soft pillowand i fall into a dreamfilled sleeppigs with wings, lions with harps,here,the impossible…
larnarr Oct 21, 2008

slow motion see me let go.....

wow, it definately has been a while. i thought i would get back on here, coz for a while buzznet woulddnt work on my computer, which…
larnarr Oct 21, 2008

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larnarr Oct 21, 2008
and boy did they have funnnpic
lets have a sexy partypic
larnarr May 24, 2008


1. What are you listening to right now? My Moves Are White (White Hot, That Is) - Cobra Starship 2. What song makes you sad? Wonderwall…
larnarr May 19, 2008


ok.people this is a kind of rant.First of all i would just like to say can people NOT say that 13 year olds dont know…
larnarr May 07, 2008
larnarr Apr 26, 2008

This House Is Not A Home - Ryan Ross - One Shot!

"Dad! Please, Leave her alone!" Ryan pleaded to his father. George turned to face the tremboling boy, fixing him with an anguished gaze that must…
larnarr Apr 26, 2008

And I'd Give Up Forever To Touch You...

This is dedicated to my best friend Nina.   You are pulled from the wreckage, Of your silent reverie, You’re in the arms of the angel, May you find some…
larnarr Apr 17, 2008


this i my birthday present to brendon urie.
larnarr Apr 12, 2008

And I'd Give Up Forever To Touch You...

Chapter 4. Brendon’s POV. As I awoke this morning, I remembered last night. We emailed Pete Wentz, and though I had no hope last night, but for…
larnarr Apr 10, 2008
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  • Relationship Status: single
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Drink: No
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  • Education: High School

About Me:

my name is Larna; my bestest friend is nina.

i fucking. LOVE panic at the disco.
i dont know what the hell i would do without them, or who the hell i would be listening to.
music would not exist without them.

buffy the vampire slayer rocks, and spike is totally shagable :P
addme if you like panic, buffy, me, or my fanfic!
which i would love if you checked out btw;
i love meeting new people!! so talk to me man!

apparently i speak funny; but dont worry, it annoys me too.
if you dont like panic at the disco, your sooo NOT hardcore.
at all.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the movie, doesnt come out until December 11th. That bugs me. I mean "what is going ON here?"

that was quoted, and im not sure you will understand. But i know NINA will!
who btw has buzznet aswell, she first on my friends list!


youtubing panic at the disco., computer., shopping., watching buffy or supernatural., LISTENING TO MUSIC.

Favorite Music:

panic at the disco, ac/dc, paramore, hinder, garbage, goodnight nurse, green day, fall out boy, good charlotte, three days grace, parkway drive, metallica

Favorite Movies:

badboys1&2, night at the roxbury, pirates of the caribbean, harry potter, p.s. i love you, alice in wonderland, catch and release, nightmare before christmas, the devil wears prada, saw, final destination, identity, all american haunting

Favorite TV Shows:

buffy the vampire slayer, supernatural, gilmore girls, womens murder club, medium, house, heroes, angel, neighbours, wwe

Favorite Books:

harry potter, dean koontz, stephen king, kathy reichs, james paterson